Thanks to one of my contacts (Keira Lockyer in Australia) I now know that the correct spelling of this name is KYEZOR. It was thought that the spelling of Keyzor/Keyzer (this name was frequently written down incorrectly by the census enumerators) was used as a business name by some members of the family as it sounded less Germanic.


The first member of the Kyezor family to appear in England was a David, born possibly in the 1720s, probably in Germany. He was a Silversmith who had a business in Cambridge and was listed in the Cambridge Directory of 1792. He had at least one son who was called Isaac, he was born abroad and he was a watchmaker, who married a Hannah Levy/Levi, the daughter of Moses Levy/Levi and their daughter Elizabeth's birth is registered in the Great Synagogue records as being born in July 1792 in Cambridge. After Elizabeth, Isaac and Hannah had at least 7 other children by 1813.


Two Kyezor descendents who achieved fame were Leonard Keysor VC, a Gallipoli war hero, and Rita Webb, who was a film and television character actress.





Leonard Keysor VC


Rita Webb


(Photo courtesy of:


(Photo courtesy of:


the VC historian Richard Arman)


her niece Gel Lewis)


Louis Kyezor was born in 1796 and he was known as ‘The King of Whitton’. He was murdered in 1869 by someone on a Victorian ‘Witness Protection Scheme’ as he gave evidence on the ‘Cato Street Conspiracy’. So although I have only a few pictures of these people the Kyezors are obviously a fascinating family and I hope to learn more about them, in future. On the face of this clock it states that the maker was L. Kyezor at 26 Tottenham Court Road, London.


David Kyezor b: 1725
  Son: Isaac Kyezor b: 1749, Germany
    Wife: Hannah Kyezor (Levy) b: 1774
      Daughter: Elizabeth Kyezor b: 1792, Cambridge
      Son: Moses Kyezor b: 1794, Cambridge
      Son: Elias Kyezor b: 1795, Cambridge
      Son: Louis Kyezor b: 1796, Cambridge
      Daughter: Alice Kyezor b: 1802, Cambridge
      Daughter: Rosetta Kyezor b: 1809, Cambridge
      Daughter: Eve Kyezor b: 1811, Cambridge
      Son: Michael Kyezor b: 1813, Cambridge


4TH QUARTER 1839 – PANCRAS (District Pancras Vol. 1 Page 272)

Sophia Flora Kyezor died


1841 Census (taken on 6th June)  
Living in 17B Upper George St., St Marylebone (HO107/679/3 Folio 35 Page 14) (name spelt Ryeson)
Jno Kyezor b: 1750, Foreign Parts Watchmaker
  Grandson: Henry Kyezor b: 1830 Watchmaker’s Apprentice
  Grandson: Louis Kyezor b: 1832  
  Servant: John Pybus b: 1781, Middx Watchmaker’s Servant
  Servant: Ellen Goodwin b: 1796, Middx. Female Servant
  Servant: Chas Clack b: 1826 Watchmaker’s Servant
Living in Tottenham Court Road, St Pancras (HO107/686/1 Folio 12 Page 18) (name spelt Kyeron)
Louis Kyezor b: 1797 Watchmaker
  Daughter: Jessey Kyezor b: 1826  
  Son: George Kyezor b: 1832  
  Son: Matilda Kyezor b: 1837, Middx.  


Living in 5 Eve Place, St Giles in the Field (HO107/673/14 Folio 16 Page 26)
Elias Keysor b: 1801, Middx. Engraver
  Wife: Caroline Keysor (?) b: 1811, Middx.
  Son: Lewis Keysor b: 1829, Middx.
  Daughter: Rebecca Keysor b: 1830, Middx.
  Daughter: Sophia Keysor b: 1832, Middx.
  Daughter: Hannah Keysor b: 1834, Middx.
  Son: Joseph Keysor b: 1836, Middx.
  Daughter: Jesse Keysor b: 1839, Middx.
  Son: Abraham Keysor b: 1841, Middx.  
Living in St John St., St Sepulchre (HO107/669/1 Folio 37 Page 22)  
Rosetta Keysor b: 1809, Middx.  


1ST QUARTER 1842 – CAMBRIDGE (District Cambridge Vol. 14 Page 11)

Isaac Kyezor died (name spelt Keyser)


1ST QUARTER 1847 – LONDON (District London Vol. 2 Page 166)

Michael Keyzor married Fanny Jacobs


1ST QUARTER 1849 – ST LUKES (District St Lukes Vol. 2 Page 256)

Rosetta Keyzor married Michael Jacobs


1ST QUARTER 1851 – ST LUKES (District St Lukes Vol. 2 Page 294)

Sophia Keysor married Henry Salmon


1ST QUARTER 1851 – STRAND (District Strand Vol. 1 Page 381)

Louis Kyezor married Julia Joseph


1851 Census (taken on 30th March)  
Living in St Anne, Soho (HO107/1510 Folio 271 Page 32) (name spelt Keyser)  
  Visitor: Elizabeth Kyezor b: 1784, St George, Surrey Watchmaker Wife
Living in 6 Oldchurch St., Paddington (HO107/1466 Folio 445 Page 27) (name spelt Kyezar)
Louis Kyezor b: 1797, Cambridge Watchmaker
  Daughter: Matilda Kyezor b: 1838, St. Pancras  
  Servant: Charles Pybus b: 1783, Geneva Watchmaker
  Servant: Eleanor Goodwin b: 1796, St Albans  


Living in 5 Caledonia Street, Islington (HO107/1500 Folio 240 Page 16) (name spelt Heyzor)
Elias Keysor b: 1797, Cambridge Engraver
  Wife: Caroline Keysor (?) b: 1811, St. Pancras  
  Daughter: Rebecca Keysor b: 1831, St. Pancras  
  Son: Joseph Keysor b: 1837, St. Pancras  
  Daughter: Jessie Keysor b: 1839, St. Pancras  
  Son: Abraham Keysor b: 1842, St. Pancras  
  Daughter: Rosina Keysor b: 1845, St. Pancras  
Living in St Giles St., Norwich St Gregory (HO107/1816 Folio 100 Page 22) (name spelt Keyzer)
Michl Keysor b: 1813, Cambridge Optician
  Wife: Fanny Keysor (Jacobs) b: 1821, London
  Son: Isaac Keysor b: 1848, Norwich
  Daughter: Georga Keysor b: 1850, Norwich
  Servant: Ann Golding b: 1834, Dereham


Living in 37 Lambs Conduit St., Holborn, St Andrew (HO107/1513 Folio 304 Page 17)
Henry Keysor b: 1830, Frankfort, Germany Watchmaker
  Wife: Ann Keysor (Burchett) b: 1826, Hounslow  
  Son: Harry Keysor b: 1848, Middx.  
  Daughter: Annie E Keysor b: 1850, Middx.  
  Visitor: Jas Hingnell b: 1817, Bath, Somerset Baker
  Wife: ? Hingnell b: 1819, Bath, Somerset  
  Journeyman: Saml Highfield b: 1776, Middx Watchmaker
  Servant: Fanny Smith b: 1836, Hounslow Servant


Living in 46 Edgeware Rd., Marylebone (HO107/1489 Folio 455 Page 8)  
Louis (spelt Lewis) Keysor b: 1833, Doncaster, Yorks. Watchmaker
  Wife: Julia Keysor (Joseph) b: 1836, Marylebone  
  Servant: Mary Coyle b: 1835, Marylebone Servant
  Servant: Henery Bendor b: 1838, NK Servant
Living in 9 Middle Queens Bldgs., Kensington (HO107/1469 Folio 157 Page 64) (name spelt Keyzon)
Hannah Keysor b: 1834, Somers Town Assistant in Milliner’s Shop


1ST QUARTER 1852 – STRAND (District Strand Vol. 1b Page 467)

Rebecca Keysor married Naphtale Harris


1861 Census (taken on 7th April)  
Living in 5 Caledonia Street, Islington (RG9/113 Folio 130 Page 15) (name spelt Reysor)
Elias Keysor b: 1795, St. Pancras Engraver
  Wife: Caroline Keysor (?) b: 1813, St. Pancras  
  Son: Abraham Keysor b: 1842, St. Pancras  
  Daughter: Rose Keysor b: 1844, St. Pancras  
Living in Kyezor Buildings,Twickenham (RG9/776 Folio 92 Page 11)  
Louis Kyezor b: 1796, Frankford House Proprietor
  Grandson: Louis Keysor b: 1856, St. Marylebone  
  Servant: Ellonor Gooding b: 1793, Herts. (widow) Housekeeper
Living in 14 German Place, Kemp Town, Brighton (RG9/591 Folio 42 Page 18)  
  Wife: Fanny Keysor (Jacobs) b: 1817, London  
  Son: Isaac Keysor b: 1848, Norwich  
  Daughter: Theresa Keysor b: 1850, Norwich  
  Servant: Emily Barker b: 1835, Nofold, Suffolk  


Living in 46a Edgeware Rd., Marylebone (RG9/77 Folio 102 Page 6)  
Louis Keyzor b: 1833, Doncaster, Yorks Watch & Clock Maker
  Wife: Julia Keyzor (Joseph) b: 1833, Doncaster, Yorks.
  Son: Baron J Keyzor b: 1852, Marylebone
  Son: Benjamin Keyzor b: 1854, Marylebone
  Son: George Keyzor b: 1857, Marylebone
  Son: Joseph Keyzor b: 1859, Marylebone
  Servant: Elizabeth Dowle b: 1842, Coleford, Gloucs. House Servant
  Servant: Ann Dowle b: 1845, Coleford, Gloucs. Nurse Maid
Living in 34 Johnson St., St Pancras (RG9/111 Folio 135 Page 14) (name spelt Keyser)
Joseph Keysor b: 1838, Pancras Engraver


2ND QUARTER 1861 – PANCRAS (District Pancras Vol. 1b Page 190)

Joseph Keyser married Julia Donovan


4TH QUARTER 1866 – CLERKENWELL (District Clerkenwell Vol. 1b Page 998)

Rose Keyzor married William Greenshields


1871 Census (taken on 2nd April)    
Living in 3 Stanmore Street, St Pancras (RG10/227 Folio 73 Page 49) (name spelt Keylor)
Elias Keysor b: 1796, Cambridge   Artist Engraver
  Wife: Carbline Keysor (?) b: 1809, St. Pancras    
Living in Heston, Middx. (RG10/1314 Folio 71 Page 35) (name spelt Kyesor)
Henry Keysor b: 1830,  Middx. Brickmaker
  Wife: Annie Keysor (Burchett) b: 1829, Middx.  
  Son: Henry J Keysor b: 1848, Middx. Brickmaker
  Daughter: Annie E Keysor b: 1850, Middx.  
  Daughter: Matilda Keysor b: 1857, Middx.  
  Son: Sydney J Keysor b: 1865, Middx.  
  Servant: Emma Luv b: 1850, Middx.   Servant (Domestic)
  Servant: Fanny E Parker b: 1852, Middx.   Servant (Domestic)
Living in 243 York St., Cheetham, Lancs. (RG10/4063 Folio 39 Page 4)
Isaac Keysor b: 1849, Norwich   Cane Merchant
  Mother: Fanny Keysor (Jacobs) b: 1819, London   General Servant
  Servant: Sarah Darlington b: 1842, Handsford    


3RD QUARTER 1873 – PANCRAS (District Pancras Vol. 1b Page 73)

Caroline Keysor died (aged 64)


1ST QUARTER 1875 – ISLINGTON (District Islington Vol. 1b Page 194)

Elias Kysor died (aged 80)


4TH QUARTER 1879 – BRENTFORD (District Brentford Vol. 3a Page 31)

Henry Myers Kyezor died (aged 49)


1881 Census (taken on 3rd April)  
Living in Caswell House, London Road, Heston, Middx. (RG11/1340 Folio 23 Page 2)
Ann Keysor (Burchett) b: 1829, Twickenham Brick Maker (Employing 21 Men & 7 Boys)
  Daughter: Elizabeth Keysor b: 1850, Walham Green, Middx.  
  Daughter: Matilda J Keysor b: 1857, Sydney, Australia (?)  
  Servant: Louisa Bowring b: 1863, Middx. Servant Domestic
Living in 8 Cantlowes Rd., St Pancras (RG11/209 Folio 105 Page 31) (name spelt Riggie)
Fanny Keysor (Jacobs) b: 1817, Middx. Lodging House Keeper
  Son: Isaac Keysor b: 1849, Norwich Stick Manufacturer
  Daughter: Theresa Keysor b: 1851, Norwich  
  Boarder: Edward Stuges b: 1857, Switzerland  
  Boarder: Walter Irwin b: 1857, Middx. Pianoforte Maker
  Servant: Emily Bowen b: 1865, Middx. General Serv Domestic


Living in Salisbury St., Marylebone (RG11/159 Folio 72 Page 26) (name spelt Keyzor)
Joseph Keysor b: 1837, St. Pancras Fishmonger
  Wife: Julia Keysor (Donovan) b: 1842, Ireland  
  Son: William Keysor b: 1864, St. Pancras Errand Boy
  Daughter: Caroline Keysor b: 1865, St. Pancras Dress Maker
  Son: John Keysor b: 1867, Marylebone
  Son: Joseph Keysor b: 1871, Middx.
  Daughter: Mary Keysor b: 1873, Middx.
  Daughter: Rebecca Keysor b: 1875, Middx.
  Son: Alias Keysor b: 1876, Middx.
  Daughter: Rosena Keysor b: 1878, Middx.
Living in 10 Halford Pl., Richmond, Surrey (RG11/843 Folio 172 Page 8) (name spelt Kyesor)
  Boarder: Sidney L Keysor b: 1865, Isleworth, Middx. Carpenter’s Apprentice


2ND QUARTER 1888 – MARYLEBONE (District Marylebone Vol. 1a Page 1144)

George Keyzor married Adele Saqui


1891 Census (taken on 5th April)  
Living in 1 Chapel Place, St. Marylebone (RG12/102 Folio 35/39 Page 64/1) (name spelt Keyser)
Abraham Keysor b: 1841, St. Pancras Furniture Porter
  Wife: Mary A Keysor (?) b: 1858, St. Pancras
  Son: Abraham Keysor b: 1877, St. Pancras
  Son: Alfred Keysor b: 1884, St. Pancras
  Son: Henry Keysor b: 1886, Marylebone
  Daughter: Sophia Keysor b: 1888, Marylebone
  Daughter: Jane Keysor b: 1890, Marylebone


2ND QUARTER 1892 – CROYDON (District Croydon Vol. 2a Page 405)

John Keyzor married Sarah Ann Shrubsole


1901 Census (taken on 31st March)  
Living in 20 Kenington Rd., Kensington (RG13/29 Folio 89 Page 33) (name spelt Keyser)
Abraham Keysor b: 1843, St. Pancras Auctioneer’s Porter
  Wife: Mary A Keysor (?) b: 1858, St. Pancras  
  Son: Abraham Keysor b: 1877, St. Pancras Auctioneer’s Porter
  Son: Alfred Keysor b: 1882, Marylebone Wine Merchant’s Assistant
  Son: Henry Keysor b: 1886, Marylebone
  Daughter: Sophia Keysor b: 1888, Marylebone
  Son: William Keysor b: 1893, Marylebone
  Son: John Keysor b: 1897, Marylebone
  Son: Richard Keysor b: 1899, Nth Kensington


Living in 26 Fordwych Rd., Hampstead (RG13/128 Folio 113 Page 31) (name spelt Keygor)
George Keysor b: 1857, Marylebone Agent For Fancy Goods
  Wife: Adele Keysor (Saqui) b: 1867, Marylebone
  Son: Alan G Keysor b: 1890, Marylebone
  Boarder: Josephine Marks b: 1872, Liverpool
  Boarder Daughter: Gladys Marks b: 1897, Manchester
  Boarder Son: John R Marks b: 1900, Manchester
  Servant: Lizzie West b: 1881, Ipswich General Serv Domestic
Living in 45 Acklam Rd., Kensington (RG13/28 Folio 118 Page 33) (name spelt Keyzer)
John Keysor b: 1869, Marylebone Painter’s Labourer
  Wife: Sarah Keysor (Shrubsole) b: 1866, Chatham  
  Daughter: Ethel Keysor b: 1895, Nth Kensington  
  Son: Donald Keysor b: 1899, Nth Kensington  


2ND QUARTER 1908 – KENSINGTON (District Kensington Vol. 1a Page 227)

Alfred Albert Keyzor married Elizabeth Mary Simmonds


2ND QUARTER 1910 – PANCRAS (District Pancras Vol. 1b Page 23)

John Keyzor died (age 43)


1911 Census (taken on 2nd April)  
Living in 15 Wheatstone Rd., North Kensington, W. (RG14PN185 RG78PN6 RD2 SD3 ED21 SN232) (name spelt Keyser)
Abraham Keysor b: 1841, Somers Town, London Furniture Porter
  Wife: Mary Ann Keysor (?) b: 1858, Bloomsbury, London  
  Son: Abraham Keysor b: 1878, St. Pancras Furniture Porter
  Son: John Keysor b: 1897, Marylebone, London Errand Boy
  Son: Richard Keysor b: 1899, North Kensington, London  
Living in 25 Hoveden Rd., Cricklewood, NW. (RG14PN7051 RG78PN346B RD129 SD1 ED71 SN303) (name spelt Kaiser)
Sarah Kaiser (Shrubsole) b: 1863, Chatham, Kent (widow)  
  Boarder: Vladimer Schwartz b: 1888, Russia Volonteer
  Boarder: Adolf Harn b: 1891, Austria Banker’s Clerk
  Boarder: Herbert Heide b: 1891, Austria Banker’s Clerk
  Servant: Alice Cross b: 1875, London Cook


Living in 95 Lebury Road, Kensington, London (RG14PN149 RG78PN5 RD2 SD2 ED10 SN542) (name spelt Keyser)
Alfred Keysor b: 1884, Marylebone, London Coach Domestic
  Wife: Elizabeth Keysor (Simmonds) b: 1885, North Kensington, London  
  Son: Frank Keysor b: 1910, Isleworth, Middlesex  
Living in 37 Thayer St., Marylebone, London (RG14PN553 RG78PN19 RD7 SD2 ED17 SN333) (name spelt Kaysee)
Mary Hill b: 1848, Waddesdon, Bucks. Licensed Victualler
  Assistant: William Egerton Palmer b: 1872, Islington, London Barman
  Assistant: Agnes Robinson b: 1877, Crouch End, London Barmaid
  Assistant: Thomas Harry Meaden b: 1888, Broxbourne, Herts. Licensed Vic Manager
  Assistant: William James Goodyard b: 1888, Islington, London Barman
  Assistant: William Keysor b: 1893, Marylebone, London Barman
  Servant: Nellie Burton b: 1875, Whitechapel, London Housemaid


Julia Keyzor (nee Josep, born about 1834 in Doncaster)