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Adams Assenheim Bellem Benjamin Garner Harris Hudson

This website has been designed for me to let my family (and anybody else who is interested) see the results of all my genealogy/family history research. So far I have been researching the following surnames:

Adams Janes
Assenheim Keysor
Bellem Michaels
Benjamin Musaphia
Garner Popinski
Harris Shine
Hudson Woodhams

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No Crest No Crest
Janes Keysor Michaels Musaphia Popinski Shine Woodhams

If you wish to contact me (Madeleine Janes) because you find this site interesting or for any other reason please e-mail me at the address below (change 'AT' to @).


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have assisted me by adding information to my research.